I had broke a safety chain on my dads 16 ft trailer by pulling it with a lifted truck with a big 8 inch drop down hitch. Also none of the lights worked, wiring was all screwed up also, they replaced both safety chains with longer more beefy chains and beefy hooks, fixed all the wiring issues. They also put LED lights all around like I asked them to. I was expecting a pretty big bill, all that work and new parts only cost me like $130

joey_bearded_cajun Louisiana

The guys here are beyond exceptional when it came to customer service. Well we can only speak for Daniel and Ben because they were the only ones there and that helped us. We couldn't find anyone else to help with our hitch on our motorhome. These 2 gentlemen went above and beyond and we cant thank them enough for working after closing to take care of us. We need more folks like this. Thank you all so much. We truly appreciate it.


Great service and fair prices. They took care of multiple issues on my trailer and I'm very pleased with the repairs and happy to recommend

Matthew Duhon