Who Installs Custom Truck Beds in Duson, LA?

Thib's Trailers can modify your vehicle

When you need a truck that's customized for your line of work, don't waste your time looking for a mass-produced option. Thib's Trailers, Inc. builds custom truck beds in Duson, LA.

We'll sit down with you to find out what you need and discuss the available options. You'll end up with a truck bed that's perfect for the oilfield industry, HVAC work, farming or landscaping. We'll keep you up-to-date on the progress of your bed installation until it's finished.

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We'll build your truck bed to suit your needs

Get the most from your vehicle. Order a custom truck bed that:

  • Ranges in size from 8' to 12' or more
  • Features steel tread plates
  • Has treated wood floors

We use top-quality materials for all our truck beds. Contact Thib's Trailers today for custom truck accessories in Duson, LA and the Lafayette area.

Truck Bed Solution to your Needs!

From the oilfield industry, HVAC workers, ranchers, farmers, and landscapers, everyone uses their truck for different reasons and expects different features to fit their needs. Don't put up with a mass-manufactured truck bed. Thib's Trailers builds custom truck beds fabricated to your specifications!

Set up a consultation today

The first step is making sure we know what you want. Sit down with our truck bed design team, and we'll go over the countless options that will help you to get the most use and utility out of your truck bed.

Once you sign off on the design, our manufacturing team will construct your custom-made truck bed from top quality material. When it's ready, we'll attach it to your truck!

What do you want out of your truck bed?

Our team will keep you updated on the progress of your truck bed.
We'll let you know as soon as your truck bed is ready!

  • Truck bed sizes range from 8′ to 12′ and more
  • Steel tread plate
  • Treated wood floors
  • Other custom options are available

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